Winner! Winner!

Guys, I'm the worst. I know. Here are my excuses for being the worst ever.

a} My husband is in Hawaii. I'm in Virginia. Enough said.
b} My mom has been in town and we've been touring DC.
c} My baby has been sick.
d} I've completely lost all my sassy-ness. Its gone and I need to find it. {hopefully it can return with some hair color}
Anyways, I totally didn't put any pics of my boy stuff on my etsy because really, in the back of my mind, I already consider it a failure. Sad. But true. I'm not one to deny the obvious. So hopefully this winter I can get my onesies into some fun boutiques. My mom says the pics don't do them justice. Shes my mom tho. She kinda has to say that.

Here are the applique boy onesies..
Here is my main man in his.. Doesn't he look so yummy. I could put a slab of butter on that face and some syrup on those rolls and eat him for dinner. Yup. I really could.

So I did a random number generator and the numbers it gave me were 3 and 17. I promise. I can not tell a lie. {ok. I can. but not about this.}

So my cute cousin



Ms. Appel

email me and let me know what onesie you would like!!

{chardaisy 15 at msn dot com}

and to all you other people that commented, Im trying to come up with a prize for you too. I cant leave you guys out of this.. Ok. here we go.. For the next week, you can get one of the girl onesies listed on here or a boy onesie for $14.oo. So pretty much Im giving them away for free! Dont order them through etsy though.

EMAIL ME and tell me if you want a boy onesie. I can do pretty much anything you want. If you want a girly one, tell me what number!

and here are the girly ones to refresh your memory.



#3 (no ruffles on bum :( sorry)



A giveaway by the one and only...

Wanna know the best feeling ever? Having all of your laundry washed, folded and put away. But then that feeling is dashed when you realize the clothes you, your child, and husband are wearing are dirty and so there will once again be a pile in the corner of the closet by the end of the night.

Wanna know what else sucks? Starting an etsy shop. I'm so bad at making my descriptions for my items. I'm like, just look at it and buy it if you like it. Is it that hard? Ive started an etsy about 18 times and when it gets to the part where I have to use descriptive describing words for what I'm selling, I quit. But I cant quit this time because I promised myself I wouldn't.

So I'm starting a shop. Its literally taken me 3 weeks to get it up and ready with a whole 5 items in it.. {i will add more tomorrow!} There's really really cute onesies and eventually Ill do matching headbands. And I'm doing a giveway. And since I only have 2 regular readers that I'm aware of {my mil and my mom} scratch that.. since I only have 1 regular reader {my mil}, you will probably win.

And since I'm so original this is what you have to do:

♥ Post about my giveaway and new shop on your blog to get.. guess how many entries? 1

♥ Post about my giveaway and new shop on your facebook and you get 1 more entry.

♥ Then, just for being cute, you get 1 more. Do separate comments to let me know you did them!

I will be giving away 2 onesies! So if you do this you have a big chance or winning both of them. {remember I only have 1 reader. sad for me. good for you.} The winners will get to choose any item in the shop or a custom onesie {under 25$} I will have my giveaway open until a week from today! {monday august 23rd} JUST DO IT! YOU MIGHT WIN!

***POST EDIT*** Tomorrow I will be adding my custom applique onesies that are DARLING for little boys! So if you have boys dont be sad and think I dont have anything.. OF COURSE I DO! Check back tomorrow!


Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was glorious. There is no other word to describe it. It was a bunch of awesome things all in one awesome weekend. Friday night called for a girls night. Me and some of the girls from the Moxie office went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then we all went and saw Charlie St. Cloud. Oh, Zac. I love you. These girls are hilarious and so much fun! Im so glad I got to hang out with them!

Saturday night was A.MAZ.ING. This is the second John Mayer concert I've been to and I fell even more in love with him. He has this insane passion for his music and entertaining his audience. Its unbelievable. He is hilarious and witty. I could listen to him all day long. Me and Trent were in heaven. Before he came out to perform I asked Trent if we could make it a yearly tradition to see John in concert. Trent said "I think every other year is good." After the concert Trent asked me when he was playing in AZ and said we can go every year. John really is that good. The weather was amazing and it was so nice relaxing on the lawn. Me and Trent havent stopped singing his songs since.