This weekend we went to the F1 Race Factory with the Moxie boys! It was so much fun! They rented out a big game room and had good food. It was fun seeing everyone!
Emily, me and Jen getting ready to race
Trent after his race {too bad he didn't win us the XBox}

This will be our 3rd summer working with Moxie and Trent really enjoys it. I love that he works hard 4 months out of the year and then gets to play with me and Nash the other 8 months! It's the best!

We've had great success and so have all of our friends that have and continue to work with us and we want other people to benefit from it. The boys work really hard but have a lot of fun. The girls hang out at the pool, do crafts, and go on little adventures with the babies.

Those of you looking for summer jobs and some $$, this is the way to do it {{plus we need more friends in VA {DC YAY!} with me too!!} }Trent would be happy to meet with you and give ya the low down.

Rainy Day Tomato Bisque

My cute friend Heidi gave me the recipe to this delicious tomato soup. I feel like I would be denying the world of heavenly goodness if I did not post this for all to see!

Rainy Day{or any day, everyday}Tomato Bisque

1/2 c. onion chopped {i like mine a little chunky, T does not. we compromise.}

1/2 c. butter {set aside 2 T.}

2 cloves of garlic chopped

1 1/2 t. dill weed {this is what makes it delicious}

1 t. oregano

1 t. basil

Saute the above in a large pot until onions are soft then add:

1 large can of tomatoes {i have used diced and whole, just blend them up in a blender first.}

1 small can tomato paste

4 c. chicken broth

Let simmer for 10 minutes.

In a saute pan melt

2 T. butter {that you set aside}

2 T. flour

I let it bubble for a little while and get kind of thick. Make sure you keep it on a low/medium temperature because you don't want burnt butter.

Add the flour mixture to the large pot then add:

1/2 t. pepper

1-2 t. salt

4 t. honey

Let simmer for 10 minutes.

Then add:

1 small carton of cream

1 c. milk


Then die.

Before and Afters...

One of Trent's favorite things to do is find old junk and fix it up. He is awesome at it too! Here are a couple of pieces he has done over the past year.. {i helped a little}

{nasty red paint faded from the sun and a lot of rust. T bought it for 20$.}

{a nice couple coats of baby poop/camo green paint and a lot of other stuff!}
{i don't have a before of this.. but it was just solid wood with plain ol' handles. my lighting is really weird in this picture. It was Trent's growing up}
Remember this??
{bought on craigslist for 25$}

We turned it into this..
{lots of sanding, antique white paint and cute Hobby Lobby knobs}

It was a little too white.. so I added this.
{thin coat of brown glaze applied with a paper towel}

This one was by far our favorite. We almost cried when we had to give it away.. and it has a story behind it. Trent's mom wanted us to make her a dresser for her Christmas present. We had been looking on craigslist for something but we were having no luck. Trent was over at my parents one day and saw that they were going to take this dresser to the dump. He picked it up, took it home, started sanding it and discovered the it had been painted red, white, grey and black over the years.. turns out my Nana bought it when her and my Papa got married and all of my moms brothers and sisters have used it. look at how amazing it turned out!



{I mod podged the paper to the top dresser. Trent did everything else}

This is my cute little end table


{bought at Goodwill for 12$}


{to match the TV stand}

This is a cute little table that is in my entry way. I don't have any before pics. But it was white. I spray painted it red and decided it was way too red. So I sanded it and added brown glaze with antique white paint mixed in. Then I mod-podged the paper to the drawer!

i ♥ junk!


Dearest Randa,

Please come back to Queen Creek right now. Nash misses Tater bug.
and I need to kiss on these cheeks.Love, Char and Nash

The Rice Cereal..

Our first attempt at rice cereal for the little Mister was unsuccessful.
First, I put him in his purple Bumbo. All he wanted to do was turn around so he could see outside. So being a good mom, I turned him around.
I gave him his first bite and he started giving me this look

and pushing it out with his tongue.

After the second bite, he became more interested in eating the bowl,

playing with his bib,

and smiling at me while I was doing "the airplane" trying to get him to open up his little gums..

Well.. wish us better luck next time!


After our wonderful Christmas holiday, we headed up to Pinetop to stay with some of our favorite friends at the Wrights cabin. We ate good food, celebrated New Years, shot off fireworks, laughed at Jersey Shore, stayed up too late counceling each other, had a dance party {which i did not participate in} got pedicures, watched countless hours of football, made up amazing raps, played the blindfold game, tried to play the Toy Story game on Wii, watched contless hours of Teen Mom and had so much fun!
Bup, Trent and Guff lighting fireworks on New Years Eve

Me and my cute boys!
The sexy ladies.. {makeup is not required while at the cabin]

the mommas!



Christmas at our house was fabulous.

Nash was drooling over his new books.
First, he stared at them in awe..
Then he wanted to eat them. I cant wait to bake and listen to John.
and Trent loves his new tools!
{here he is, showing us all how to preoperly use a circular saw}

I love my boys!

{Trent is making me add that this picture is from the ugly sweater party.}