Before and Afters...

One of Trent's favorite things to do is find old junk and fix it up. He is awesome at it too! Here are a couple of pieces he has done over the past year.. {i helped a little}

{nasty red paint faded from the sun and a lot of rust. T bought it for 20$.}

{a nice couple coats of baby poop/camo green paint and a lot of other stuff!}
{i don't have a before of this.. but it was just solid wood with plain ol' handles. my lighting is really weird in this picture. It was Trent's growing up}
Remember this??
{bought on craigslist for 25$}

We turned it into this..
{lots of sanding, antique white paint and cute Hobby Lobby knobs}

It was a little too white.. so I added this.
{thin coat of brown glaze applied with a paper towel}

This one was by far our favorite. We almost cried when we had to give it away.. and it has a story behind it. Trent's mom wanted us to make her a dresser for her Christmas present. We had been looking on craigslist for something but we were having no luck. Trent was over at my parents one day and saw that they were going to take this dresser to the dump. He picked it up, took it home, started sanding it and discovered the it had been painted red, white, grey and black over the years.. turns out my Nana bought it when her and my Papa got married and all of my moms brothers and sisters have used it. look at how amazing it turned out!



{I mod podged the paper to the top dresser. Trent did everything else}

This is my cute little end table


{bought at Goodwill for 12$}


{to match the TV stand}

This is a cute little table that is in my entry way. I don't have any before pics. But it was white. I spray painted it red and decided it was way too red. So I sanded it and added brown glaze with antique white paint mixed in. Then I mod-podged the paper to the drawer!

i ♥ junk!


{megs in wonderland} said...

youre so good at that stuff!!!!!!!!!! teach me, teach me! i need more creativity in my life. love ya :)

HeidiandJason said...

You amaze me:) Lets play soon, I'm feeling crafty and we have a running list these days...

[Frances and Danny] said...

I love all of them. They turned out awesome! What kind of brown glaze did you use?

The Chambers said...

Awesome Charde! way to be domestic...I LOVE it all! I like the white/brown glaze stands the best...high five!

Melissa said...

So crafty! I seem to have the desire to do things like this but have yet to put it to use :)

Brett and Emily said...

love all your before and afters!! I love seeing the finished product! finding junk and making it so cute is the best!!!