Schnepf Farms

Both of my brothers worked at Shnepf Farms this year so we got to go for FREE!
Free=Awesome. We invited our cousins, Kristie and Evan, to come with us and it was a blast. Here are some pictures from Trent's phone to prove it :)
One of the many joys of having a child is that you can make them do things like this:

I pretty much love Schnepf Farms. I remember when I turned 14 I was so excited because I could work there for the Pumpkin Chili Party. I thought I would meet some cute boys {didn't happen}, make some money {at 4.25$/hr} and get to eat good food {werent allowed}. Instead, I was in charge of the little animal petting zoo. I was stinky all the time and had to make sure small children didnt feed the goats popcorn or let them out of the gate. One goat was found belly up one morning because of all the popcorn it had been given. I was not good at my job to say the least.
I love taking Nash there just because I feel like its a little piece of Queen Creek that hasnt changed much in the past 18 years, and thats just how I like it!


Just some pictures of the cutest baby in the world, seriously: