My 24th Year

Last Tuesday I turned the big 2-5! As I was thinking about my 24th year of life, I was thinking of all of the really awesome things I got to do! I've definitely have had my highs and lows this year, and dont get me wrong, this year hasnt been all lollipops and gummy bears, but I am grateful for all of the amazing times I have  had!

In January, me and Trent were able to go on a cruise with Moxie. It was the first cruise we had been on and the first time I had ever left Nash overnight! It ended up being so much fun. We loved relaxing on the boat and hanging out with some of our favorite friends. We also got to go para sailing and hang out in Cabo. It was a blast!

 The day after we got home from Cabo, I was able to run a 10k with my bestie, Colby. This was a HUGE milestone for me because I have never dedicated so much time training for something I never thought I could do. I have flat feet which means I have issues with my knees, hips, and lower back but I've always wanted to run! So I decided to just suck it up and do it. It was great for me to finish and so fun running with my best friend motivating me to keep going!

 Trent and I also got to go to St. Croix with Trents parents. It was such a relaxing little get away! The island is so beautiful!
 In July, me and Colby took a little time away from our kids and went to San Diego. Every mom should do this at least once a year!! It was one of the best vacations I have been on! We did whatever we wanted when we wanted. We saw movies and ate amazing food and cupcakes! We laid on the beach, rode bikes on the beach, and took naps on the beach. It was amazing to say the least. Oh and we also crossed an item off Colbys bucket list and tried out for American Idol. (my second time) It was so fun and I cant wait to do it next year!!

 A few weekends ago, Trent and I took another trip with the Moxie crew to San Diego. When we got there the power was out in San Diego and all the way down the coast to Yuma. We had no electricity which made for a fun night! We all talked and played Sardines. As soon as the lights came on we were glued to the tv, ipads, cell phones and laptops! It was a great weekend though. Very relaxing, good food, some thrifting, and lots of laying on the beach. The best part was skydiving! Trent won a skydiving incentive at work so he was going to go with Austin, Ashytn and one other guy from the office. I was going to take pictures of them. The morning that we were getting ready to go, Ashtyn told me she had a surprise for me and was taking me skydiving too! It was crazy! I think we all were a little nervous.

Looking back at my 24th year I can truly say I am one lucky lady. I got to do all of these things plus watch my baby boy learn and grow, see some of my best friends get married and have babies, spend time with my family and friends, and celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary with the love of my life.

Goals for 25: 
plant a garden
run a Ragnar
go to a J Biebs concert
save money $
have a baby
read the scriptures cover to cover



Lifes an Hourglass

I want a baby. I want a baby real bad.

I keep telling Trent that and we've actually been trying to get pregnant since February. { I know 4 whole months is not long AT ALL but when you desperately want a baby it feels like a long time. My ♥ goes out to all the mothers who have been trying to have a baby for years }

I had a miscarriage this past month and its made me realize how grateful I am for the baby boy that I do have. I have been treasuring every single moment I spend with him.
I have been doing little things with him to make him feel special. He is a busy boy so we've been staying extra busy doing the little things that he loves.
We make breakfast together.
We stack his blocks up really high so he can knock them down.
We go for walks {sometimes 2 or 3 a day if he wants}
We play with our close friends.
We run in the sprinkles.
He helps me hold the hose when we water our grass.
We read books {I try to read while he quickly turns the pages}
We make yummy treats.
We watch cartoons together.
We go see the animals at Superstition Farm.
We write with chalk in the backyard.
We color together.
We play at the park.
I feel like he has grown into a little man in the blink of an eye.
I love watching him explore and find things that he loves.

Everyone tells me how much energy he has {or how stubborn he is, or how he already knows what he wants and hes not even two, or how crazy he is}
I just tell him to keep being his adventurous, brave, and crazy little self because I wouldn't trade him for the world.

I know that he is not always going to want to sit on my lap while I read him books. He is not always going to grab my hand and take me to the door when he wants to go outside. He is not always going to want to help me unload all the silverware from the dishwasher. He's not always going to want to sit on the counter and help me stir the brownie mix. So I treasure these little moments I have with him.
"When you reach for the stars, don't forget who you are. And please don't turn around and grow up way too fast. See the sand in my grasp, from the first to the last. Every grain becomes a memory from the past. Oh, Life's an Hourglass."-{that Mrs. Gledhill is a smart lady}



I can't believe Nash is in nursery. He started going a few weeks ago because Trent and I both have callings that don't allow us to watch him during the last 2 hours of church. Anyways, here is the big boy in all his glory on his big day. I am such a crazy mom and every time I get a chance, I peek through the little window just to see what he is doing. I tear up every time. Love love love him.


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is spent with Trent's Dad and Step mom. We eat Mexican food and then go open gifts at their house. Nash and Aiden were so cute together. I love seeing them play with each other and I'm glad they don't fight!

Each year, the brothers and sisters draw names for gifts. I picked Ashley this year and lucky for me she wanted homemade gifts! I made her a cute black pillow, a picture frame, and jewelry hook.

I love this family so much. I feel so blessed to have married into a great family!


Schnepf Farms

Both of my brothers worked at Shnepf Farms this year so we got to go for FREE!
Free=Awesome. We invited our cousins, Kristie and Evan, to come with us and it was a blast. Here are some pictures from Trent's phone to prove it :)
One of the many joys of having a child is that you can make them do things like this:

I pretty much love Schnepf Farms. I remember when I turned 14 I was so excited because I could work there for the Pumpkin Chili Party. I thought I would meet some cute boys {didn't happen}, make some money {at 4.25$/hr} and get to eat good food {werent allowed}. Instead, I was in charge of the little animal petting zoo. I was stinky all the time and had to make sure small children didnt feed the goats popcorn or let them out of the gate. One goat was found belly up one morning because of all the popcorn it had been given. I was not good at my job to say the least.
I love taking Nash there just because I feel like its a little piece of Queen Creek that hasnt changed much in the past 18 years, and thats just how I like it!


Just some pictures of the cutest baby in the world, seriously: