I can't believe Nash is in nursery. He started going a few weeks ago because Trent and I both have callings that don't allow us to watch him during the last 2 hours of church. Anyways, here is the big boy in all his glory on his big day. I am such a crazy mom and every time I get a chance, I peek through the little window just to see what he is doing. I tear up every time. Love love love him.


Megan said...

I love him too :) And you! He looks too grown up. Not cool. Can't wait for some much needed girl time this weekend. Xoxo

Grace Hart said...

Aw he is so cute and getting so grown up!

niki said...

Hey girl. So I jut noticed the chair is really faded in some areas. Would you want to come look at it and see if you're still interested? I'd lower the price.

ashley wright said...

oh my gosh you guys, he is the cutest ever!!!

ps. I always loved peeking in nursery to spy on paisley :)
and now i do it in primary too!!

hope you guys are doing great! you all look awesome!