I love Halloween. It was so much fun this year. Remember last year? Let me remind you. This boy was not a happy monkey. He still didnt understand the concept this year but he actually loved wearing his hamburger costume and everyone got a kick out of my little burger. We went to my moms ward trunk-or-treat on Friday, our ward trunk-or-treat, and a Halloween party at Bup and Bridgets. {which I will not post pictures of me and Trents costumes because they were SUPER lame. I was Wendy, the Wendys girl and Trent was a hot dog.}


Woods Canyone Lake

We were able to take a day trip up to Woods Canyon Lake with Trent's family. We rode quads and Trent's dirt bike, ate, talked, and just relaxed. It was a great day. We love getting out of this heat {even though it is October, its STILL hot} and spending time with our family for a day.


Nash is getting so big I can hardly stand it. I got out our swing for my cousin to use while she was here and it stayed out in our family room for a while. Nash loved watching his morning cartoons in it. Everyday he does things that remind me that he is growing so fast but I love that he still does things that he has done since he was a little baby, like suck on the corners of his blankie. I love this boy. He makes my life an adventure and I couldnt ask for a better one.