{my favorite recent candid of T on Easter getting ready to throw water on his sisters}

The first day I saw this face at my singles ward, I was hooked. He tells the story like this...

"I went to sacrament meeting and I saw this cute girl sitting down the row from me and she kept staring at me and looking at me from the corner of her eye."
This is when I butt-in and say
"I was NOT starting at you. I looked at you once."

Which is a lie. I was totally staring! When he looked at me, it was like he was staring into my soul. I had never felt that before.

But I was having major guy issues at the time and wasn't about to get into another issue with another guy.

The next night was our ward family home evening. I didn't usually go but since I was going to be moving out of the ward I thought I would go and say bye to everyone. The plan was to play goofy games in the cultural hall and learn a dance {oh singles ward, i do not miss you}
When I walked in I saw HIM. Still, I wouldn't let myself get carried away. I stood in the back while everyone was learning the dance and watched him.
He was laughing and smiling. I had never seen anyone so happy and comfortable with themselves.
I wasn't about to make a move though. "He's WAY too cute for me." I thought.
After the dance part, we all sat down to play a game. He sat right behind me. I've never asked him if this was on purpose or accidental. I'll say it was on purpose. Him and his friend were discussing the word "cornucopia" and didn't know what it was. I turned around and tried to explain it to him, turned back around and didn't say anything else. After the game, I was extremely bored and decided to leave. I didn't say bye to anyone. I just left. {like I mentioned earlier, I was having issues at the time.}
As I was about to get in my Beetle, I heard footsteps running behind me.
I turned around and saw his gorgeous smile and amazing green eyes.
I was in shock and my brain literally stopped along with my heart.
He said "hey, I wanted to talk to you before you left."
It was at that very moment I knew I was going to marry him. I knew it. There was not a single doubt in my mind. I had never been so connected to a person without actually having a conversation with them.
He asked me out for Friday night. He text me the next day and said he wanted to go out that night but he had softball. I told him I would go out with him no matter what time he got done.
{I probably sounded desperate?}He picked me up that night and I just remember being in a trance, smiling the entire time, laughing at him and just listening to him talk about who knows what. He dropped me off and the next morning before I got in my car for work I saw a note on my car door that read,
"Char, I hope you have a great day! -Trent"
Really? Could he be any cuter?
After 3 months of dating, 3 break ups and get back togethers, and one extremely long week apart, he finally asked me the question I had been dying to hear.
And the love story just gets better and better every single day.

I love this man more than I love life itself. He has brought me more happiness in the last 3 years than I have had my entire life.

He makes me laugh everyday, forgives me for my stupidity, makes me feel beautiful, makes me want to be a better person, loves me for who I am, laughes at my bad jokes, thinks I'm cute when I swear and don't wear make-up, loves the gospel, gave me the cutest baby, is the best dad to that cute little baby, still gives me butterflies, is a hard worker, loves life, loves people,

and has a huge heart. He is the most selfless and reliable person I have ever known.

I am so grateful for the last 3 years we have had together, loving, growing, and learning from each other.

I love you, babe.


The Chambers said...

I feel the love! this made me so happy. I'm so happy that you have found someone you deserve. Trent is a great guy. Sorry we couldn't host him last week. Did everything go ok? You two are wonderful and so cute. Hope everything is well.

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Happy 3 Years!! Wow time flys by!

Jon Lisa and Paxton said...

Awwww I love it! I love hearing real-life love stories.

Tyler and Andrea said...

Such a sweet love story! You guys are perfect for eachother! Happy 3 years!

Grace Hart said...

Happy 3 years Char Char! I'm so glad you found someone so sweet and good to you!

Heidi said...

I am SO happy you found someone who deserves you. You are so amazingly special!

Connie said...

I love this post! You two are seriously so cute together! I LOVE that story- I could read it over and over and never get tired of it. Any guy that will literally run after you is a keeper! Goosebumps!

Malia said...

Charde, this is really sweet :)
Congratulations on a beautiful little boy, a wonderful marriage and all the future brings.

Allison said...

This is the sweetest post ever! It really gives me hope for my future husband, and that we'll love each other as much as you and Trent! :) SUCH a lovely story to tell your kid(s) someday!

Greg & Colby Lindblom Family said...

Aw, Char I have never heard your story about how you met. or I couldn't remember it if you did, but that is so sweet. I bet you're missing him a ton right now. I sure love you and I'm so happy all of the stupid boys lead you to this amazing one :)

RUBY said...

okay I just found your blog and feels like i havnt seen u for years!!! that might be true....last time was the massage for charde and i saw Trent playin ball at porters prolly a year ago! well I need to see your new family! Nash is a doll...ok LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoox

L&S said...

Haha those pictures are great! You two are so cute and perfect together! Including little nash! I just hope nash doesn't have trent's energy level...especially during the terrible twos! :)