Giveaway by the one and only....

Wanna know the best feeling ever? Having all of your laundry washed, folded and put away. But then that feeling is dashed when you realize the clothes you, your child, and husband are wearing are dirty and so there will once again be a pile in the corner of the closet by the end of the night.

Wanna know what else sucks? Starting an etsy shop. I'm so bad at making my descriptions for my items. I'm like, just look at it and buy it if you like it. Is it that hard? Ive started an etsy about 18 times and when it gets to the part where I have to use descriptive describing words for what I'm selling, I quit. But I cant quit this time because I promised myself I wouldn't.

So I'm starting a shop. Its literally taken me 3 weeks to get it up and ready with a whole 5 items in it.. {i will add more tomorrow!} There's really really cute onesies and eventually Ill do matching headbands. And I'm doing a giveway. And since I only have 2 regular readers that I'm aware of {my mil and my mom} scratch that.. since I only have 1 regular reader {my mil}, you will probably win. And since I'm so original this is what you have to do:

♥ Post about my giveaway and new shop on your blog to get.. guess how many entries? 1
♥ Post about my giveaway and new shop on your facebook and you get 1 more entry.
♥ Then, just for being cute, you get 1 more.
Do separate comments to let me know you did them!

I will be giving away 2 onesies! So if you do this you have a big chance or winning both of them. {remember I only have 1 reader. sad for me. good for you.}

The winners will get to choose any item in the shop or a custom onesie {under 25$}

I will have my giveaway open until a week from today! {monday august 23rd}


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