Whats New?

not much. not much at all actually.
me and nash ran/briskly walked 2 miles at Londons Run. it was a lot of fun to see people that I haven't seen in a while and also a good time to remember Lorin. {not sure why the pic is so dark?} i've also started venturing out and feeding Nash baby food.. this isn't baby food. this is a dried banana. he loved it! if anything goes even remotely close to his lips, he will stick out his tongue. he licks everything and i think it is hilarious.
Trent went out of town for a night and Nash was so excited to see him when he got back.. look at those cheeks! nash and i took a little trip to H&M one day {ok it wasn't little. i felt like i was driving to africa.} but it was so worth it because i purchased this sweet get-up for my little man. {8.30 church wears him out}
Bellas birthday week was last week so we went to Build-a-Bear. she is seriously the cutest thing i have ever seen. She says "Nash! Nash!'' and it is sooo cute! here she is sharing an unstuffed bear. so sweet.
and here she is at her birthday party.
and here is the cute party planner. {nash ♥s his aunt Britt}
and here are more pictures that i couldn't resist posting..
and some more.. {he was sick in these pictures, but still the happiest baby i know!} i love him.


JT, Britt & Bella said...

So cute ♥ J and the kitty is the best!

Luke & Shawnie said...

He is the cutest! I love little nash! And his cheeks just make me so happy when I see them! ha he is so cute.