Day 2, 3, and 4 and some other stuff

So day 2 and 3 of no TV were pretty successful..
On Tuesday I accomplished a lot {can't really remember what exactly?}
Over the past couple months I have been obsessed with making these flowers.
thought I had this genius idea of doing interchangeable flowers on headbands but a couple days ago I found out I was wrong..
But I decided not to be discouraged. So Ive been making flowers and headbands like a mad woman. So look.. you can wear the same headband like this.. {sorry for the bad pics}or this..
or this..or this..
or this..
or this..
or this..
or this..
The flowers are all separate so you can mix and match whatever you want!
{let me know if you'd like one}

I've also been wanting to make Nash home-made baby food and I did it today!
It was quite a mess but it was all worth it when I open my fridge and see
those bright colored jars lined up in my very dirty fridge.
I also took Mr. Nash for a walk.
It was gorgeous outside today!

He has been extra grouchy lately and I'm pretty sure he is teething.
He is rolling everywhere. I turn my back and he is on the other side of the floor.
He is so freakin cute. He is babbling and does this crazy growl sound.
He copies Trent whenever he does it and its the cutest thing I've ever seen.
He is finally sitting up all by himself, too.

Oh I just love love love him.
There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to the sound of him babbling away in his crib.
There is nothing better than seeing his huge, gummy smile.
There is nothing better than kissing on his yummy cheeks.

Have I already said
i♥ him. cuz i do.


The Chambers said...

umm...ok, can i order ALL your headbands in stock PLEASE? I'm serious. Make a freakin etsy shop, or blog site already, because my visa card is ready! they are WONDERFUL!

JT, Britt & Bella said...

Ahh! I want to buy some too! I agree.. make an etsy shop!!

Tarah said...

Oh Charde I wish I was as crafty as you are. Super cute!

Tyler and Andrea said...

K. I totally want a headband. They are super cute! What are the prices?

AH.. The joys of making baby food. I always made it then froze it in ice cube trays then put them in freezer bags when frozen. Then when it was time to eat I'd just warm in microwave...

Beth's Blog said...

I Love your headbands! :)

showlowhall@frontiernet.net said...

THanks for all the cute photos.
You guys look like you are really happy!!!
That's just wonderful!!
Love ya,
Twia & Chris
I'm your Aunt Twila...
sister to your Nana Patsy..
actually that makes me your
GREAT aunt Twila... in case you forgot...