Day One and a wedding

Day one of no television was pretty uneventful! I woke up at the crack of dawn to go work out. {I have a love/hate relationship with working out at 7am 3 days a week} I got home and got ready for the day, started laundry, did the dishes, made crepes, and cuddled on Nash all before 11:00am! {that's already an accomplishment} We are house hunting right now so we went out to Queen Creek to look at a home. Then we headed over to my in-laws house. I spent the evening over there chatting with my cute SIL's and MIL. We watched a movie {movies aren't part of the diet} and had a great time. I came home, folded laundry, and went to bed before 11:00pm! {that never happens but it might've been because a had a nasty earache too} But all in all it was a successful day..

Sorry this is so boring. I just need to remind myself what I get done during the day.

Here is something a little more exciting.. Maybe.

This weekend we got to take part in an amazing wedding. I was a bridesmaid and Trent was a groomsman for our good friends, Jake and Kendal, who finally tied the knot after 3 years!

Nash was so cute and so good!

I love this chunky monkey!

The Girlies

Trent was lookin' pretty good in his suit ♥

All of the festivities were gorgeous and so much fun! Congratulations J & K!

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Jon Lisa and Paxton said...

Charde' you inspire me. Holy Heck girl, I was reading your list of shows you have and realized that I too, have an addiction. The first step to getting better is admittance. Haha, we should hold weekly meetings together and talk about it. Anyway, you have inspired me. Thanks!