The Week of No TV..

{picture has nothing to do with the post, except for me, trying to be a better mother.}
Hi my name is Charde' and I'm a television addict. Seriously. It was getting out of control. I had "my shows" on every single night.. sometimes 2 things recording at a time from 7:00-10:00. The Bachelor, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Biggest Loser, 90210, Vampire Diaries, The Office, Greys Anatomy, The Real Housewives of OC... yeah.. the list goes on. I usually record my shows at night then watch them all the next day. Pathetic. I know. So when the Ensign came out this month, I was drawn to an article titled "Digital Detachment and Personal Revelation". If you haven't read it, it is a must. I thought about how my TV addiction has interfered with the things that I want to do with my life. For the past 2 years, I have wanted to start an etsy shop with my baby onesies, jewelry and headbands. Why haven't I done this?? 1-I'm a procrastinator 2-I'm scared of failing and 3-I fill my days with TV when I'm not playing/taking care of Nash. I also want to start playing the piano again. Music was my biggest passion and I've somehow forgotten that. Instead of spending time practicing something I love, I have let the TV consume me. For the past couple years, every night before I go to bed I always think "I could've been so much more productive today."

I don't want to live my life like that anymore. I want to be able to hear the whisperings of the Spirit in my life and I know that when the TV is constantly on that is not possible. I want my home to be filled with music and fun games. I want to be a mom that is creative and fun. I want to be a person that uses my talents and works to make them greater. I want to be a primary teacher that makes treats and takes them to her kids during the week. I want to be a friend that calls you just to see how you are doing. I want to be a wife that keep a tidy house, gets ready for the day and makes delicious meals EVERDAY. I want to bake more, read more, and go out to lunch with friends more.

So Ive decided to start a television diet. This week, I am not watching TV. I am not even recording my shows to watch them next week. I am going to be the person that I have always wanted to be and I realize the first step is taking TV out of my life. {The next step is cancelling my facebook.} I am excited to write about the things I am doing, learning, and accomplishing!!

"We simply can not point and click on or download a personl, revelatory relationship with our Heavenly Father."


Heidi said...

I love you Charde!! Good for you for taking charge of your life. You are an inspiration.

Greg & Colby Lindblom Family said...

Charde' I pretty much have the same addiction that you have and was drawn to that article in the Ensign too. Thanks you for your post, it really inspired me to take that step too. I definitely feel the same way you do and think that I could be doing so much more with my life. It's become such a habit to just turn on the tv whenever I have a minute. I love you and love that you posted this :) miss you

willie and camie shill said...

hi char -

so i just got your comment about the "tv diet" it was dated in march so not sure why i JUST got it....

either way.... you have a darling blog and fam yourself i hope your t.v fasting is going well!