This past weekend we were able to take a little trip to Outer Banks, NC. It was so beautiful and so much fun. We {Austin, Ashtyn, Dax, Trent, me and Nash} started the trip on Friday night after Austin and Trent got off work. We packed up Austins truck and headed out. We drove about 5 hours and stayed in an awesome {by awesome I mean scary} hotel. Nash wouldn't sleep so I had to drive him around this creepy little town until 5:30am to get him to fall asleep. We got up that morning and continued our drive to Outer Banks. We got there around noon, ate lunch and played on the beach. Nash liked playing in the sand for a little while but wasn't too crazy about the water.
{I love his sand goatee in these pictures}That night we went to a local seafood buffet! It was awesome! Me and Ashtyn had been saying that we wanted to eat at a seafood place like the one they eat at in Dear John and we got pretty close! It was so good and the best crab I have ever had! I was in heaven. The waiters also brought out ice cream and sang to Trent for his birthday!

{the picture is dark but he is wearing a birthday hat... and Nash wanted that ice cream real bad!}

Nash wanted to catch up on some reading after dinner..

Funny faces in the mirror {check out Trent's sunburn-that's what happens when you use SPF 4 Tanning Oil}On Sunday, all the boys went jet-skiing in the ocean. Here they are with the instructor that had a great tan and not an ounce of fat on her body. Blegh. I like that they are all looking down except for Austin. hahaWe also had more time to play in the water. Nash was actually starting to like it!We left for home around 5 and stopped and got some barbecue for Trent's birthday. It was so much fun! Next time I am going to try to get pictures of me and Nash and of us and the Clarks.

Some of my favorite moments of the trip: our funny conversations on the drive about old times and the ring of fire, Colby Callait on repeat, trying to find a DQ and Austin refusing to make U-Turns, the bumpy bridge on the way home, going in the underwater tunnel, taking a nap with Nash in the cold hotel room after a hot day at the beach, eating 10+ pounds of crab, seagulls attacking Ash and Dax, me and Trent being so excited to sleep on separate beds {sad, but true. we like our space} Trent playing with Nash in the mirror, Nashs sand goatee, Nash and Dax not fighting {too much}, Austin singing "this is sewious, we need to help her, this is sewious!" and our numerous stops to try to find fudge and hats.


Connie said...

How fun!!! You are so skinny and tan! I wish that were me (;

The Clarks said...

hahaha I had not seen this post! I love the favorite moments, you summed it up perfectly. And yes my husband looks like a perve checking out "Ms I dont have an ounce of fat on my body and am super tan and hot" chick. But cant really blame the man.. she was hot! :)

ashley and wes said...


Please check you email.