Do you see this?? No, not my double chin! I was so excited that Nash was actually laying his head on my shoulder that I didnt realize how awkward I would look in the picture! He is usually so crazy. He usually has to be bouncing up and down or sitting on my knee or playing with something. But not for these beautiful 20 seconds. He just layed his head on my shoulder. It was short but precious. I love him and I love being a mother. It is the best thing I have ever done. I love watching my little guy grow and learn new things. He makes my world go round.


Connie said...

he makes my world go round.. that is so cute. And so true. Do enjoy those moments they lay on you (I remember feeling the same as you- they are scarce!) because soon he'll have even more energy all he'll want is to run!

The Chambers said...

This makes me so happy!